• Nina de Lianin


    Nina de Lianin (aka Divina) is a professional performing artist (singer, dancer and actress)
    and a professional model from Belgrade, Serbia.

Nina de Lianin

Nina de Lianin is a professional performing artist of many talents: singer, actress, dancer and model. Born in Belgrade (Serbia), since over a decade living in Berlin and one year ago she moved also to Vienna. Her portfolio counts over 2500 performances in more than 25 countries, on 4 different continents so far.

Nina de Lianin is the “Ambassadrice” of Manfred Thierry Mugler and she is the Muse for the fragrance “AURA”, which was publicly announced at the world launch of the fragrance in Paris (2017). Among other career highlights, Nina counts her 5-year-long engagement with the famous “Friedrichstadtpalast”, which holds the record as the world’s biggest performing stage; but also her appearance at Eurovision Song Contest (Belgrade, 2008) as dancer, as well as her 4-year-long work at Serbian National Ensemble, in each season with singing and dancing soloist numbers. One of the latest highlights was her performance for the very last Life Ball in Vienna (2019).

As actress Nina has won so far 5 awards as “Best Actress” at prestigious international festivals, including a special award for “Outstanding Performance” she has won at Cinemoi FFF in Hollywood (@ El Capitan Theater, 2017). In most of her movies, Nina gave her voice for the soundtracks also, which had won many nominations and awards around the globe. Her discography counts various EPs and three published albums (CD & Vinyl) with her band, as well as three DVDs (2 live DVDs) in which Nina appeared as the special guest star.

Her musical road has been a very interesting one: while being raised in Belgrade Nina had gotten her classical voice training by Svetlana Nestorov and at the school of music "Mokranjac", while she was also training to sing and dance to ethnic and world music. In Berlin came also the musical performance studies and acting in addition, and also stage performances with rock bands and jazz bands. Meanwhile Nina works as a solo artist, performing live with a pianist or a band/big band and likes to describe herself as "the modern age Marlene Dietrich", combing the class and the sass of the Old Hollywood with the modern song covers and the modern time we live in. She continues filming fashion films and working on photoshoot projects.

- muse of Manfred Thierry Mugler, who is also coordinating Nina's management since 2016

- artistic collaboration with Company CLARINS fragrance Group

- "Friedrichstadtpalast"(singer, The WYLD, Christmas shows, four years in a row)

- Serbian National Enselmble "Kolo" - (singer & dancer) 2005-2009

- Eurovision Song Contest - (dancer) 2008
- live performance at international launching of fragrance "Aura" by MUGLER

- Fashion film "Bello" by Monica Menez

- Fashion films "The Reflection" (main actress) and "Robots" (supporting actress) by Einat Dan & Joshua Brandao

- Musical "Snow Queen" (the role of the Snow Queen) - Wintergarden Berlin
With In Strict Confidence:

- The Heardest Heart (ALBUM) 2016

- Justice (EP) 2013

- Tiefer (EP) 2012

- Utopia (ALBUM) 2012

- Morpheus (EP) 2012

- Set Me Free (EP) 2011

- La Parade Monstreuusse (ALBUM) 2011

- Silver Bullets (EP) 2010

- My Despair (EP) 2009


- Cards (EP) – Superieur

- Song: Auld Weeping Willow – Die Kammer

- Song: Ich Bin Ein Berliner – The WYLD

- BRODY BOOKINGS (Stuttgart)

- Thomson Models (Dusseldorf)

- SEVENS (Cologne)