About Me

Career Highlights:

Artistic collaboration with M. T. MUGLER and Clarins Group

Engagements as singer at Friedrichstadtpalast (Berlin Palast)

Eurovision Song Contest - dancer

Serbian National Enselmble Kolo - singer and dancer





Justice (EP) 2013
Tiefer (EP) 2012
Utopia (ALBUM) 2012
Morpheus (EP) 2012
Set Me Free (EP) 2011
La Parade Monstreuusse (ALBUM) 2011
Silver Bullets (EP) 2010
My Despair (EP) 2009



Nina de Lianin (aka Divina) is a professional performing artist (singer, dancer and actress) and a professional model from Belgrade, Serbia, currently living in Berlin, Germany. She has been working in numerous musical productions, singing and dance performances, concerts, acting plays and fashion campaigns in Serbia, Germany and worldwide. Her portfolio counts over 2500 performances in more than 25 countries, on 4 different continents.

For two years,  Nina's voice could have been heard every night at "Friedrichstadtpalst" aka "Palast Berlin" as "the Zoo Girl" in the song "Ich bin ein Berliner", in production "the WYLD" by Manfred Thierry Mugler. Ever since is Nina collaborating with Mr Mugler and has collaborated with Clarins Fragrance Group. In Palast Nina also gave live solo concerts, accompanied by pianist Bijan Azadian, before every "WYLD" show as a Christmas special last year and will also repeat her special appearances this year. Since 2009 Nina is officially a female vocalist of German electro band In Strict Confidence and currently is Nina engaged in two German musical theater productions as musical performer ("Dinner Musical" and "James Bond Musical") and in two theater plays as actress ("Berlin Dungeon" and "The Murder Auction"). Her current musical repertoire counts songs from the most diverse musicals. For the latest album with her band, "Utopia", Nina sang all female vocals and also participated as songwriter. As a professional model, Nina is currently represented by "Indeed Models" in Berlin and "Brody Bookings" in Stuttgart (among others) and has collected modeling experience in Europe, Asia and North America.

Her artistic education started at the age of five, when Nina de Lianin started taking ballet lessons and was considered to be an exceptional talent. By the time she turned eight, she had switched to folklore and caracteré dances, which also included singing. After years of dancing and singing, Nina continued her education and artistic experience in Belgrade, where she passed the State exam as a performing artist and signed a full time employment contract with Serbian National Ensemble (from 2005). In each performing season she performed as a soloist singer and a soloist dancer. One of her career's highlights was the participation at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, where she performed with the Serbian National Ensemble on both semifinals and at the grand finals. Before she left Belgrade, Nina had also been learning opera singing for three years and her teacher was a soloist singer of Serbian National Opera, Mrs. Svetlana Nestorov.

With already a rich curriculum for her age, at the beginning of her twenties, Nina left her hometown Belgrade and moved to Berlin, Germany, where she enrolled in musical studies and later continued them in Dusseldorf and Essen (also Germany). In addition to her education and experience as a singer, dancer and actress, Nina also started working as a model and was agency represented in Germany and abroad.

As artist Nina is aiming to merge show with her scientific research, which she does during her cultural studies in which she is enrolled at University. She is especially interested in showing the aspects of different relationships, but also she explores beauty and fashion and the changes of their ideals throughout the years. With her performances she sends the message to the World in a very subtle way that she is fighting for tolerance and human rights.