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M. T. Mugler's Show

Not only have you heard Nina's voice during the show, but she will perform live for the 3rd year in row with 1h winter concerts (w. pianist B.Azadian) in foyer of Palast.

Bodyparts Model

Nina has successfully been working as hand-feet-bodyparts model and finally she has created her online portfolio for that purpose only (CLICK HERE).

Charity TRIP

Accompanied with great David Pereira (THE TRIP director, artist) and Mandi Orozco (Cirque du Soleil), Nina opened CharityTRIP with Sia's "Alive" (CLICK TO WATCH)

Upcoming Events

22nd MAR
beauty ambassador (closed event)
Mugler/Clarins @ Paris

27th MAR
stage hosting & performance
Fetish Evolution @ Essen

2nd APR
party co-organizing
Beasts&Beauties @ Berlin

16th APR
solo performance
Wasteland @ Amsterdan

31th APR
singer with GMT band
concert @ Ritz Carlton Berlin

since 2014
@ Berlin Dungeon


Limited edition box with two prints by famous fashion artist Monica Menez and Nina as model. For Nina's signature - please write it as question!